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Motivational Speaker of Eastern Philosophy

One Epiphany is All it Takes to Open Minds, Energize Hearts, and Unite

Mr. Won is a philosopher and educator in the Taoist tradition. His work over the past 10 years on Youtube and Facebook has built a large following and community.

Professionally, he is the founder of several SAAS and web marketplace businesses in manufacturing sourcing and media verticals. His industrial clients include Apple, Burberry, Facebook, Novartis, Pfizer, Samsung, Twitter and more.

Won's message is simple. Happiness doesn't come from just being happy. Happiness is conditional. Happiness requires that you work your ass off for it. To that end, he teaches ancient meditation techniques that enable you to

1. work more effectively

2. solve problems quantum-ifically

3. manage your fickle emotions along the way

4. align your experiences to your mission

5. and ultimately be happy.

To contact Won for more information, email ... he is available to speak world wide. He is happy to listen to your goals and craft a presentation that will create the result you want.

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